Hurray for Team Efforts & Expanded Options!

Happy summer, everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer holidays, vacations, and the sun! In the meantime, the Boomers board of directors and partnering organizations are preparing marketing materials to share by the end of summer and at future Meetup events they will host, beginning this fall. 

The Lowdown on Planned Partners and Progress

We’re still planning to partner with others for a location in Council District 7. To that end, we are diligently working on preliminary plans with several new partner organizations. To design and construct our facility, we are working with

We expect to be ready to share architectural renderings and new marketing materials, including projected costs, to everyone wanting to reserve a unit with us by mid- to late summer.

We also plan to announce a full list of all team members in our next newsletter. This list includes an affordable housing expert, co-op housing experts, a bookkeeping firm, and the Austin Cooperative Business Foundation. For long-term funding to build and develop our model, we are in discussions with a local community development finance institution, interested in participating with us. 

Special Highlight—Expanded Options

We are especially delighted to announce we can now plan expanded unit options to better address missing-middle housing needs among Baby Boomers and other seniors. Not only will we offer 1/1 and 2/2 units, we will also offer shared-unit options for 2/2 and possibly 3/3 and 4/4 units, as well. With the help of committed members and prospects, we plan to more fully flesh out the community’s needs for various unit sizes by surveying interested individuals and couples and getting feedback at our events, beginning this fall.

Remember, under cooperative ownership rules, unit size and number of members per unit make no difference in one’s ability to own a share and vote. The only restriction applies to couples—couples may only join as one member, not two.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate! Through the help of the City’s Down Payment Assistance program and other* financial services, membership and housing should be within reach of broad numbers of Baby Boomers and other seniors, especially elder orphans.


* For more information about other financial services, contact us.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thank you, Lee Follender, for stepping in to help out on the board while Karen is on sabbatical.

Share this newsletter and our news freely! And watch your in box for our update later this summer or early fall. If you are not on our mailing list yet, please feel free to sign up on our website,