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Missing middle housing for Baby Boomers and other seniors, near urban amenities, is difficult to find in today’s cities, especially in Austin, Texas. Join us at Boomers Collaborative as we create a new and innovative solution. We cater to the many Austin Baby Boomers wanting missing middle housing, often with space for part-time entrepreneurial pursuits — especially among those who are (or aspiring to be) artists, artisans, musicians, and makers. Our Baby Boomer members want to live, work, and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and professional service providers of any age.

What is the “missing middle”? Missing middle is what urban planners refer to as moderately-priced housing most Americans can afford and is very hard to find in today’s cities.

Excited about developing our first affordable and sustainable Austin housing co-op for Baby Boomers, we support the development of a new kind of limited-equity housing cooperative (co-op) and mixed-use property near hospitals and urban amenities — a model for a walkable, affordable, and sustainable urban retirement. We keep ourselves vital and fulfilled by sharing our resources and engaging each other and the surrounding community in daily activities and commerce. And, to round out our approach, we also encourage and support income-generating opportunities for many of our Austin Baby Boomer members and other artists, artisans, musicians, or makers of any age through additional on-site co-working and co-making accommodations.

The Needs

To meet retirement or near retirement needs, many Baby Boomers nation-wide seek solutions for ...

  • Affordable and sustainable housing

  • Greater economic security through small and part-time work or entrepreneurial pursuits

  • Communal support

The Drivers

Our members and prospective members ...

  • Do not want to live alone and have a keen interest in cooperative housing or cohousing initiatives as an option for affordable housing.

  • Still want or need to work and continue to be vital in today’s economy.

  • Seek and enjoy the amenities of urban living near medical facilities.

  • Care about environmental issues and innovative design solutions.

The Solution

By combining small residential units above light commercial / retail space in a Austin housing co-op, our founders have devised a thoughtful local solution  that can be replicated anywhere.

Boomers Collaborative Foundation plans to develop a trendy and unique mixed-income facility that is both affordable and sustainable. We will share resources to develop a 55 or older housing and intergenerational artisan / maker cooperative that addresses the living, entrepreneurial, and social needs of interest to many Austin Baby Boomers — a model of great appeal to many among this demographic anywhere.



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