Mission Statement

At Boomers Collaborative, we have strategically designed a sustainable, yet highly appealing, mixed-use retirement model for senior co-living and neighborhood co-working that allows Baby Boomers to share resources and responsibilities so that they may thrive and age in place in retirement. Moreover, taking advantage of intentional design and cooperative business structures, we strive to …

  • Empower fragile groups (especially Baby Boomers and other seniors) to have greater control over their socioeconomic standing for individual health and well-being.

  • Create resilient beneficiaries through our direct socioeconomic supports that nurture and help individuals thrive.

Vision Statement

At Boomers Collaborative, Baby Boomers share resources and responsibilities to live and create in a common place, so beneficiaries can thrive in retirement. We greatly reduce socio-economic stressors rampant in society today, doing so by …

  • Promoting the independence AND well-being of beneficiary Baby Boomers, their families, and other younger beneficiaries by sharing facilities, equipment, risk, and supplies.

  • Offering a new model for retirement living less dependent upon social and senior services that can be replicated all over the United States and the wider world.

  • Assuring that beneficiaries can co-live and co-work in a CO-OP tailored to local conditions and constituent needs, doing so by providing:

    • Sustainable mixed-use, mixed-income senior housing — outwardly focused for intergenerational and community engagement — within vibrant, urban-village settings.

    • Overall design that accommodates innovative LEED building practices; roof gardens; solar, wind, and passive energy solutions, and the like.

    • A nonprofit small business / artisanal / maker incubator with office and studio space, as well as a storefront bistro with oversized kitchen, retail, gallery, and event space.

  • Educating and mentoring new and prospective beneficiaries in cooperative stewardship and other meaningful skills.